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About Us

In brief, you should know the following about us:
Our practice was established in 1996 and has been responsible for providing Surveying Services ever since.

Wayne Bond – Managing Director

Wayne has over 25 years experience as a Registered Surveyor in all areas of Land Development, Planning and Engineering.
Email: waynebond@basurveyors.co.nz

Jan Vlk – Surveyor

Jan is a survey graduate from the Technical University Ostrava in the Czech Republic.  He has extensive experience with Building Set Outs and post-earthquake calculations.  Jan is working towards obtaining his License as a Cadastral Surveyor.
Email:  janvlk@basurveyors.co.nz
Cell: 022 301 6228

Ashleigh Hanson – Survey Technician

Ashleigh started with us in March 2015 as a Surveyors Assistant.  She is now working as a Survey Technician.  Ashleigh spends a lot of her time in the field and is proficient at setout buildings, checking the boxing for Building Location Certificates and Topographic Surveys.  Ashleigh also prepares a lot of the Topographic plans and Cadastral Plans in Landonline.
Email: ashleigh@basurveyors.co.nz

Chris Drayton – Registered Surveyor

Chris Registered as a Surveyor in 2002.  He has worked in both the UK and South Africa.  Chris’ area of specialty is Cadastral Surveying (that is anything to do with boundary definition), set outs, Building Location Certificate, and Subdivisions.
Email: chrisdrayton@basurveyors.co.nz
Cell: 028 411 5108

Darryn Bodger – Survey Technician

Darryn is qualified as a Survey Technician with NZCE.  He has worked in all reas of Surveying, Civil Engineering and Planning since 1974.  Projects that he has worked on include Westlake, Travis County and Glenmore.
Email: darrynbodger@basurveyors.co.nz
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